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Kerry O’Rourke

I worked with Andrea for three years in her role as product manager at Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, in which she managed many ACSM [American College of Sports Medicine] books, including our most high-profile and best-selling titles. She juggled multiple books, editors, schedules, and ACSM demands with great professionalism. Andrea was always responsive to editors and flexible in adjusting to their work styles. I appreciated her knowledge of the entire publishing process, including the steps ACSM added for review and approval. I enjoyed working with her and knew that the projects she managed for us would be completed on time and would be of high quality.

Kerry O'Rourke
Director of Publishing / American College of Sports Medicine

David B. Troy

[Andrea] has worked on some of the most complex and heavily contributed products in LWW’s Pharmacy list of publications. Andrea is a dedicated Product Manager whose commitment to schedule, timeline, and budget is unparalleled. Many of the projects we shared over [7 years of working together] dealt with difficult content areas and designs, and Andrea consistently put forth recommendations that improved the author/publisher process, reduced PPB/plant costs, and resulted in a better product for the end user and publisher. Multiple author teams have commented to me as to how accessible, flexible, thoughtful, and energetic Andrea is to work with. I hold Andrea is the highest regard and would recommend her to anyone looking for a competent, thoughtful and reliable Project Manager.

David B. Troy
Executive Editor / WoltersKluwer Health

Sara Leone

. . . Andrea has worked on a considerable number of complicated projects that encompass a wide range of subject matter . . . . In a fast-paced, highly detailed environment such as our academic press, relying on Andrea to consistently achieve the highest quality of proofing makes this crucial stage in production substantially less stressful. She is meticulous in detail and thorough in querying any possible anomalies. Equally important, she always meets deadlines, so there is never a worry that the project might be delayed. When I submit book final files to the printer, I am always so thankful for Andrea’s proofing; her professionalism, thoughtful approach, and dedication to the project never fail to instill a sense of utter confidence that our teamwork is producing the best possible product!

Sara Leone
Project Editor / Duke University Press

Brandon T. Bisceglia

Andrea has been an invaluable asset as a copy editor. Her work is clean and consistent. She is adept at handling the dual challenge of working with material that is both highly technical and written by non-native English speakers. In my time working with her, she has regularly gone beyond necessity and alerted me to technical or linguistic discrepancies. Her concern for quality is unmatched. I would gladly recommend her to anyone.

Brandon T. Bisceglia
Production Assistant / Begell House, Inc.

Mark Thompson

I can always count on Andrea to meet a critical deadline. Her knowledge of grammar and journal style are superb. Her thorough attention to detail is second to none.

Mark Thompson
Journal Production Manager / Cenveo Publisher Services

Greg Pelkofski

[Andrea] is the most thorough and detail-oriented proofreader I work with. She follows a strict adherence to our style guide, never hesitates to ask questions, and always returns her work within the deadlines. I would recommend her to anyone seeking professional and scientific copyediting or proofreading help.

Greg Pekofski
Web Production Coordinator / Ophthalmology and Ophthalmology Retina

Kelly Livieratos

Andrea is a strong editor who works quickly and efficiently. She produces clean, consistent work, and she is able to navigate both technical and nontechnical content with ease. She has a sharp eye and often picks up on errors that others overlook. Andrea is a reliable editor who is able to meet deadlines while maintaining quality.

Kelly Livieratos

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Publishers and Presses

  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • American Society of Nephrology
  • Dartmouth Journal Services
  • Duke University Press
  • FA Davis
  • George Washington University
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Palladian Partners, Inc.
  • Pearson
  • Schiffer Publishing
  • Springer
  • Wolters Kluwer

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Packagers and Vendors

  • Aptara
  • Begell House, Inc.
  • Cenveo
  • iD8TripleSSS
  • Laserwords
  • LearningMate
  • NewGen Knowledge Works
  • SPi-Global
  • Spring Hollow Press

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  • American Red Cross
  • TeleSign
  • WebMD

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