Line editing for writing style, usage, and readability, or precision copyediting for grammar, sentence-level clarity, and other mechanics of style. The latter may comprise a light, medium, or heavy level of editing. Includes following/applying a commercial (such as American Medical Association, Associated Press, or Chicago Manual of Style) or a proprietary style guide, as well as creating a style sheet, as necessary. Example projects include book manuscript, journal articles, dissertations, web content, newsletters, and reports.



Standard or substantive proofreading to ensure content is ready for print. Standard proofreading comprises reviewing proofs (print-ready material) for typos, misspellings, formatting issues, and other small errors as well as checking the placement of art and page breaks. Substantive proofreading includes standard tasks plus identifying inconsistencies and awkward or confusing language. Example projects include book manuscript, journal articles, marketing copy, and web copy.

project management

Project Management

Organizing the preproduction and/or production process for publications. Projects may include textbooks (both before and during production) and journal articles. Tasks include coordinating with contributors or authors, creating and maintaining schedules, coordinating layout and page proofs with a compositor or vendor, among others.

quality assessment

Quality Assessment/
Quality Control

Ensuring the quality of existing copyediting or proofreading services. Reviewing work by your editorial team to ensure they are tailoring their edits to your company’s/client’s requirements and preferred style/usage and are not introducing new errors. Projects include book manuscript, journal articles, and business-specific publications.

manuscript preparation


Preparing your final book manuscript for turnover to a compositor or packager to begin the production process, or formatting your journal article manuscript for submission to a journal editorial office for review and acceptance. Tasks include taking appropriate steps to ensure the proper manuscript length; applying formatting, coding, or XML tagging; and ensuring art files are usable.

video and photo shoot

Video and Photo Shoot

Managing a video or photo shoot from start to finish, including organizing the shot list, scouting/confirming locations, setting the schedule, and hiring/collaborating with models, actors, photographers, and videographers.



Writing tailored to your market or business-specific needs. Projects include back cover copy, user’s guides, company blogs, and educational content (e.g., assessments, chapter summaries, learning objectives).

workshops and training

Workshops and Training

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Rates vary and are determined on the basis of each project’s scope and individual needs.

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